• How do I submit a video?

    You can submit the link to your Twitch or YouTube video (we do not accept Twich clips) using the form above. If it’s a longer clip you’re sharing, make sure the link includes a timestamp to the specific moment you want us to see.

  • What’s the submission deadline for videos?

    To enter a given edition of Play of the Month, you need to submit your videos before midnight (UTC) on the final day of the month. Should you miss this deadline, your submission will enter next month’s contest.

  • I’ve got a lot of videos I’d like to send in. Is there a limit to how many I can submit?

    Only one submission per person can enter a single edition of Play of the Month. If you send several videos, only the one most recently sent in will enter that month’s contest.

  • Is there a limit to how long a play can be?

    The video you submit can be of any length (provided a proper timestamp is included in the case of longer videos). However, the play itself can be no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds. If the play is longer, it will not qualify to take part in Play of the Month.

  • I’ve found an awesome play online, but it’s not mine. Can I submit it for Play of the Month anyway?

    No. You need to be the author of the video you’re submitting, as well as the one playing the game on it.

  • Are there any content restrictions when it comes to submitting videos?

    Videos showing players behave or react in a way that can be considered racist, xenophobic, sexist, defamatory or otherwise offensive or illegal will be disqualified. Additionally, only footage recorded after the announcement of Play of the Month can take part in the contest.

  • How and when will you notify Play of the Month winners?

    Winning plays will be selected no later than 5 days after submissions for a given edition of Play of the Month close. All winners will be informed about the results by e-mail shortly thereafter, with instructions on how to claim their prize.

  • Will Play of the Month end permanently someday?

    Play of the Month currently has no set end date and will be running regularly on a monthly basis. Should that change in the future, we will let you know in advance.

  • I have more questions. Where do I go?

    Everything you need to know regarding the Play of the Month is available in the full regulations.


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