Changes to the Balance Council

Hello everyone!

Not so long ago, we concluded our first Balance Council cycle. Voting is open for the second one, but we would like to apply some changes.

Choosing the number of changes for this system is a challenge. More changes mean their impact will be bigger, but also the spread of votes can be higher, which can result in overnerfing/overbuffing certain archetypes. Less changes mean the game is more stable - the spread of the votes is lower, which means that only a handful of deserving cards are affected, but as a consequence, the impact can be less noticeable.

Since, for technical reasons, we need to decide on one number for maximum changes for all brackets, we would like to try an approach opposite to the one we tried at first, so in the current cycle, the maximum number of changes per bracket will be 5. We will need your feedback to decide whether or not that is enough to have an impactful update, and based on that, we will decide what that number should become in future cycles.

Moreover, starting from the next cycle (the current one will be unaffected), we will increase the minimum number of wins for non-pro rank players to 50. Keep in mind that the regular length of the cycle is 1 month, so there will be more time to get there.

Happy voting!