April Season has begun

April Season is here and brings a new Card Drop with it! Claw and Dagger includes 24 brand-new cards but we also have balance changes, a returning Event, and much more!

Make sure to check out the Seasonal Modes down below!

Read the full Patch Notes here:LINK

Seasonal Modes

Battle Rush 18.04 - 25.04

Both players have just 8 seconds to complete their turn and 15 seconds to complete the redrawing phrase.


Dual Casting 25.04 - 02.05

Once per turn, when you play a special card, spawn and play a copy of it immediately after.


Patience is a virtue! 02.05 - 09.05

At the start of the round and at the end of your turn, transform all cards in your hand into random ones that cost 1 provision more.


I didn't sign up for this 09.05 - 11.05

At the start of the game, transform all your cards into one from the same faction and rarity that wasn't in your starting deck.


This season is planned to end on May 11th, 10:00 A.M. CEST.