Patch Notes 11.4

The first card drop of 2023 is releasing tomorrow and we can not wait for you to get your hands on the 24 new cards.

As usual, there are also some changes to existing cards and we also celebrate 2 birthdays this month!

For the 4 final reveals, a rundown of the most important balance changes, and a personal message from Jean, make sure to check out the latest Developer Update:

New Features

Claw and Dagger - It is the time of trickery, concealment, and deceit, of carving your own path, no matter the cost. After all, who's going to be able to stop you?

This card drop introduces four new cards to each playable faction.

Yen and Ciri's Birthday Event - Join the birthday party and unlock special vanities by completing time-limited contracts. But that's not all! Visit the Shop to find even more themed goodies!

This event will be live from April 25th to May 9th.



No changes.


Armored Arachas - Power changed from 6 to 5.

Ability changed to:

Deploy: If there is another card on this row, Lock self.

Timer 3: If this row is full, boost self by 12.

Endrega Queen - Deploy ability changed to:

Consume an allied unit and gain Armor equal to its provision cost.

Idr - Provision cost changed from 7 to 9.

Ability changed to:

Whenever your opponent plays a unit on their side of the battlefield, damage it by 1 and gain a Charge.

Order: Spawn a Drone on this row.

Charges: 0

Kikimore Queen - Has a new part of ability:

Whenever you pay an Organic card, trigger own Thrive.


No changes.

Northern Realms

No changes.


No changes.


Corrupted Flaminica - Ability changed to:

Deploy: Boost self by 2 for each unique beast in your graveyard.

Tuirseach Bearmaster - Power changed from 4 to 2.

Ability changed to:

Deploy: Boost self by the number of unique allied beasts.

Order: Damage self by own boost, then damage that many enemy units by 1.


Boris - Ability changed to:

At the start of your turn, wherever this card is, randomly change own Fee to a different cost between 1 and 9.

Fee 1: Move self to the other row, then boost self by the Fee cost. If you have 0 Coins, also gain 1 Coin for each allied unit on that row.

Cooldown: 1

Game Fixes

Stockpile, King Henselt, Rivian Pikeman, Siege Support, and Winch now work correctly with Fee cards that Cooldowns.

Dwimveandra no longer grants Zeal to Locations

The contracts for the Master Mirror evolving cards now count the number of times you play the final evolution, rather than how many times you reach the final evolution.