Season of the Draconid begins!

The Season of the Draconid has begun and Update 9.2 is live.

Check out all changes in game right now!

Seasonal modes in August:

03.08. - 10.08. Entrench

  • Each played unit has resilience.

10.08. - 17.08. Plus One

  • Whenever you play a unit, spawn a 1-power copy of it at the end of it's row.

17.08. - 24.08. Trial of the Grasses

  • Whenever a unit appears on the board, damage it by 2 then boost it by 4. If it's a Witcher, the damage is not dealt.

24.08. - 02.09. Irresistible Attraction

  • Whenever you play a non-Spying unit, move a random enemy unit with the same power to the opposite side. 

Patch notes: Link

This season is planned to end on September 2nd, 10:00 a.m. CEST.