Following a short technical pit-stop, we’re very happy to let you all now that we’re ready to start the first Pro Ladder season — and it begins now!

To join the first Pro Ladder season, players must have achieved Rank 20 or 21 at any point during the previous season of GWENT’s Ranked Play mode, or had 4200 ranking points when it concluded on August 27th. If you’re one of these players, you will see a modified Ranked Play icon, which will allow you to toggle between Pro Ladder and Ranked Play at any time. More information regarding the Pro Ladder is available here.

With the start of the Pro Ladder season, we are also distributing the first Crown Points among the players who participated in the previous GWENT Challenger and GWENT Open tournaments, with more to come as the GWENT Masters series continues. You can read more about how you can earn Crown Points here.

You will always be able view both the Pro Ladder and Crown Point rankings on the Rankings page at — the official website of GWENT Masters.

Good luck!

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