Ranked Play season ending August 27th — a message from Paweł Burza

Hey everyone!

A lot of you have been asking us what’s up with the Ranked Play season taking so long to conclude, seeing as how we’ve previously said that each one would be around 2 months.

Well, we’re nearly there and I’m here to give you a date — August 27th, 2017 at midnight CEST. That means you’ve still got some time to work on your ranking, and there’s a couple of good reasons why you should.

First one is — rewards! The end of the season will earn the best players exclusive frames and titles, as well as a unique avatar showing Imlerith without his iconic helmet (which is a rare sight indeed, as he doesn’t go out without it very often).

Secondly, the ranking points you worked so hard to earn during the Ranked Play season — you’ll be taking ⅓ of them with you into the next one, which will determine the rank you start it with.

There’s one more for those of you crazy about competitive GWENT. Though I can’t go into details just yet, I’ll say this — we’ll be introducing a new ladder type, where you’ll need to be above 4200 ranking points at the end of this season to join (if you reached rank 20 or 21 regardless of your standing at the end of the season you will get access to the new ladder). Watch this space around gamescom for more info and keep ranking up.

As always, I would like to thank for your ongoing support. It’s you, the community what makes GWENT such a great game. Stay awesome, everyone!