It’s time for the Mid-Season Tournament!

The Mid-Season Tournament begins this weekend with the Group Stage! This is where 16 players will battle it out in the Dual Tournament (also commonly known as GSL) format. All players have been randomly seeded into 4 groups:

Next, through a double elimination, the top 2 players from each group will qualify to the Play-offs:

These 8 players will be invited to participate in the Mid-Season Tournament Play-off Stage – broadcasted live on our official channel on July 1st-2nd! 

Its prize pool is set to be 20 000 USD + 50% of the proceeds from sales of special esports bundles available in the shop. 2 000 USD out of the sum will be distributed among the 8 players who made it to the Group Stage, but failed to advance to the Play-offs. In addition to the monetary prize, the winner of the Mid-Season tournament will automatically reserve a spot in World Masters at the end of the year. 

Group Stage matches will be casted live by your favourite streamers: pawloex, Moshcraft, Lemon, Ceely, TheaBeasty, PiotrCNS, Rykov, Bomblin, Mercernn, lionhart, GhostArya, Interloper, Elquellora, and Gravesh. Check the schedule below!


Saturday, June 24th

12:00 CEST

(Group A) myamon369ex vs holdyr

(Group C) Magpie131 vs Puzzle.Express

(Group D) Spellingbee vs 情枭的黎明 

15:00 CEST

(Group A) 优柔寡断的司徒空 vs PSYCHOKID777

(Group B) Lerio2 vs Kams134

(Group C) kerpeten96 vs Liu_m

18:00 CEST

(Group B) DG_gameip vs Kaneki_Yamori

(Group D) tlg_pajabol vs Danirai

Sunday, June 25th

10:00 CEST

(Group A) Winners match: holdyr vs PSYCHOKID777

(Group C) Winners match: Puzzle.Express vs kerpeten96

(Group D) Winners match: Spellingbee vs Danirai

13:00 CEST

(Group A) Losers match: Mya-Mon369EX vs 优柔寡断的司徒空

(Group B) Winners match: Kams134 vs Kaneki_Yamori

(Group D) Losers match: 情枭的黎明 vs Pajabol

16:00 CEST

(Group A) Tiebreaker

(Group B) Losers match: lerio2 vs Mistikal

(Group C) Losers match: magpie131 vs liu_m

19:00 CEST

(Group B) Tiebreaker

(Group C) Tiebreaker

(Group D) Tiebreaker