June Season has started

The June Season has begun! 




Seasonal Modes: 


Irresistible Attraction 07.06 - 14.06

Whenever you play a non-Spying unit, move a random enemy unit with the same power to the opposite side.


Dual Casting 14.06 - 21.06

Once per turn, when you play a special card, spawn and play a copy of it immediately after.


Patience is a virtue! 21.06 - 28.06

At the start of your turn, transform all cards in your hand into random ones that cost 1 provision more.


Battle Rush 28.06 - 05.07

Both players have just 8 seconds to complete their turn and 15 seconds to complete the redrawing phrase.


This season is planned to end on July 5th, 10:00 A.M. CEST.