Update 9.6.1

Here is the list of changes with this update:

Weavess: Incantation

Fixed an issue where Weavess: Incantation had a provision cost of 12, while it should be 10.


Fixed an issue where cards that deal damage in multiple instances would incorrectly add armor to Pirates and Ships.

Milva: Sharpshooter

Fixed an issue where Order of Milva: Sharpshooter appeared active when there were no viable targets to hit.

King Bran

Fixed an issue where Bran would not get additional value on the Deploy if excess damage was dealt by Rupture, weather effects or opponent damaging their own units.


Fixed an issue where Brewess used the incorrect Order icon and charges were not visible.

Uprising (Radovid related)

Refreshing Uprising ability with King Radovid V will no longer spawn an additional Scythemen. Uprising's tooltip will be adjusted accordingly in the next patch.

Olgierd: Immortal

Fixed an issue where Olgierd: Immortal showed an old version of his tooltip.

We have also added the World Masters Season 3 Cardback to the accounts which earned it via twitch drops.