2022 Roadmap announcement

The dust almost settled after the last week's GWENT World Masters, where we first announced our 2022 roadmap.

But no worries if you missed it! Here is a recap of everything we have in store for the next year.

Card Releases

We plan to continue the release model we introduced this year, with the smaller card drops coupled with major balance changes to the existing cards.

For 2022 there are four of them planned in:

  • April
  • July
  • October
  • December


We have heard your requests to bring back some of the past Journeys, so we decided to do exactly that!

After the current Journey ends, we will be introducing a brand new one (look out for announcements), and following that, the previous Journeys will get their returns:

  • May: Geralt and Ciri
  • August: Alzur, Yen and Triss
  • November: Aretuza, Regis and the not yet revealed one

Official Tournaments

The tournament scene next year is going to look quite similar to 2021, though we decided to hold only three Open tournaments, in:

  • April
  • July
  • October

World Masters is staying as it was, as the grand finale of the year in December.

You can see the full recap of the 9.6 and Road map in the Developer Update below.