Hotfix change list

Below you can read on the issues that have been solved:

  • Players are no longer able to use Seize to have more than one instance of Bounty on any given side of the board.
  • Bloody Mistress: Will now keep her power when transforming.
  • Offering to the Sea: Now damages enemy units even if the owner doesn't have any units on their side.
  • Saov Ainmhi'dh: Unity: Will no longer become stuck in the graveyard after attempting to be summoned to a full ranged row.
  • Havfrue Singer: Is no longer responsive to enemy units healing.
  • Thirsty Dame: Is no longer affected by Doomed specials such as copies of Tactics spawned by Stefan Skellen.
  • Cintrian Envoy: Will no longer have its Order disabled after not selecting a card.
  • Artaud Terranova: Works as intended.