Season of the Griffin and Update 9.1 are LIVE!

The Season of the Griffin has begun and Update 9.1 is live.

We are setting the stage for our upcoming WitcherCon event and ironing out a few gameplay bugs while adjusting a few cards across all factions.

Check out all changes in game right now!

Seasonal modes in July: 

06.07. - 13.07. Banished

  • After mulligan Banish both players decks. Whenever a card appears in any deck, banish it.

13.07. - 20.07. Power Shift

  • At the start of the match, set the power of every unit in your starting deck to its Provision Cost.

20.07. - 27.07. Seesaw

  • On the end of the player's turn:

Damage player's odd power units by 1

Boost player's even power units by 1

27.07. - 03.08. Switcheroo

  • After 2 turns the players switch hands.

Patch notes: Link

This season is planned to end on August 3rd, 10:00 a.m. CEST.