Draft patch notes 8.5

Welcome to the Draft update! We know that we've been quiet for some time, but worry not, we didn't forget about the format and we're planning bigger changes in the near future. With 8.5 we introduced changes to existing packages which allow for better balance. We've also added the 12 new cards from the 8.3 update to the roster! Enjoy!

Maddoc special package will only contain 2 Maddoc's and a bomb instead of 3 Maddoc's

New core card: Crach an Craite

The following cards were added to Tribal- Ships & Pirates:

  • Holger Blackhand

The following cards were removed from Tribal- Ships & Pirates:

  • Hvitr and Aelydia

The following card were added to Defense - Sukrus Package:

  • Morkvarg

The following card were removed from Defense - Sukrus Package:

  • Giant Boar

Created Mechanical - Discard Package

New Core Card Eist Tuirseach added:

  • Enabled Mechnical - Discard Package

New core card Eldain added:

  • Enables Traps Package

Core card Gezras of Leyda adjustements:

  • Enable Move Package
  • Disale Traps Package
  • Enable Move Package

Added Malena into Mechanical - Move Package

Removed Paulie Dahlberg from Mechanical - Move Package

New core card - Brouver Hoog:

  • Removed Value - Prebuff package
  • Added Defense - Armor package

Added Sheldon Skaggs to Value - Prebuff Package

New core card - Unseen Elder

Removed core card - Orianna

New Core Card: Dettlaff van der Eretein

  • Increase odds of Bleeding & Weather
  • Enables offensive Bleeding

Removed core card - Mourntart

New core card Anna Henrietta:

  • Offensive - Poison package enabled
  • Mechanical - Create package enabled
  • Increased chance for Combo packages

Removed core card Xarthisius

New core Card: Emhyr Var Emreis

Removed core card Usurper

Added Usurper: Officer into the package Mechanical - Disloyal

Removed core card: Trolololo

New core card Queen Meve:

  • Adjusted Boost and shield probabilities

New core card: King Foltest

Added King Roegner to Defense - Shield package

New core card: Whoreson Junior

Added Caleb Menge to Offensive - Bounty package

Removed core card Harald Gord

New core card Cleaver:

  • Enables Mechanical Intimidate
  • Enables Mechanical Tribute

Added Draug into Tribal - Soldiers package

New core card King Foltest enables:

  • Tribal - Soldiers
  • Mechanic - Thinning
  • Unique: Mechanic- Thinning - Blue Stripes package