Patch notes 8.1

Welcome to the 8.1 update! This time, aside from the usual round of fixes and improvements, we're introducing a brand new card: Madoc! You may have heard about him in one of Snowdrops' stories. This fella has a fiery temper and soft spot for bombs, which make him come back for more action even if he's temporarily knocked out. Madoc will also join the Draft Mode club, with two new packages dedicated to his synergies.

This time, the patch does not bring much in terms of balance changes. It's not due to not seeing the need for it, but simply because of the holiday season that has cut short last month's time for development.

You can read the details on all the 8.1 changes below.


New sound effects in Draft battlepicker

New card: Madoc.

Power: 3, Provision: 10, Category: Witcher

"Whenever you play a Bomb card, Summon this card from your deck or graveyard to a random allied row.

Order: Spawn Cataclysm for 1 turn on the opposite row, then destroy self.

Succubus ability changed to:

Deathwish: At the end of your turn, if there is another Succubus in your graveyard, Summon self from your graveyard to a random row and gain Doomed.

Adrenaline 3: Don't gain Doomed.

New Features

Premium Strategems have new, unique visual & sound effects when their orders are used

New category for Expansion Contracts

New category for Journey Contracts

Game Fixes

Idarran now correctly mentions that his ability only works with units spawned on your side of the board.

Portal now correctly mentions that both units are summoned from the deck.

Vesemir, Lambert and Eskel now correctly mention that other Witchers are summoned from the deck.

Cat Witcher Mentor now correctly mentions that he boosts self for other cards on the row.

Cat Witcher Mentor now doesn't react to units transformed on the opposite (enemy) row.

Viper Witcher now correctly mentions that he spawns a base copy of the target.

Coated Weapons now correctly mentions that it spawns base copy of the target.

Gorthur Gvaed now correctly mentions that it can move any card from graveyard to deck.

Fallen Knight now correctly mentions that he only boosts self for units spawned on owners side of the battlefield.

Fixed a bug that displayed total number of points in rows in wrong order.

Adjusted art of one of the loading screens.

Draft Mode

Added new Wombo Combo package:

- Madoc x 3

Added new special Package:

- Bomb