GWENT World Masters champion is crowned!

Congratulations to Aleksander "Pajabol" Owczarek, the champion of GWENT World Masters Season 2!

Pajabol originally qualified for the final event of the season by winning Open 4 in October. His triumph at World Masters makes him the first GWENT pro player to win 2 official tournaments in a row! 

Do you know how many people guess the full bracket (just winners, not the results) correctly in their Divination votes? 44! We will be sharing more stats about Divination Challenge shortly and, of course, distributing all well-deserved rewards to the participants! 

Thanks for joining us this weekend! And in case you missed some games – you can re-watch the whole tournament on our YouTube channel!

Final standings:


Aleksander "Pajabol" Owczarek (Poland) – $39,995


Benjamin "Kolemoen" Pfannstiel (Germany) – $18,940


Jonas "Saber97" Saber (Denmark) – $9,030

Colin "GraveshGravesh" Wierum (Germany) – $7,161


Pawel "kams134" Skoroda (Poland) – $4,328

Damian "Tailbot" Kaźmierczak (Poland) – $3,530 

Sidong "Demarcation" Guo (China) – $3,530

Lipao "wangid1" Ni (China) – $2,200

The next season of GWENT Masters will begin on January 12th - get ready for another year of the fierce competition!