Draft Mode Patchnotes 7.4.1

Last patch we have released into the wild the new Draft Mode and were happy to see how much interest and excitement it was met with by the community. Quickly the forums started filling up with stories about wacky decks, but some of them seemed... too wacky. One short investigation later, it turned out that there were some issues with the configuration of packs, which led for example to packages that should have been disabled being offered in draft anyway. This has been fixed, and should make the experience more balanced, yet still keeping it fun and open for experiments.

Unlike with Arena, that once released was essentially left untouched, we intend to make the Draft Mode an ever evolving format, that will be able to keep players entertained and engaged. In short, that means that we plan to make regular updates and balancing changes to Draft Mode, like we do with Ranked Play Mode.

That said, let me introduce the first Draft Mode Patchnotes!

New arrivals:

New Card added , the great sorcerer himself - Alzur!

Mages package is now a default Tribal package.

Alzur is added as a Core Card. Choosing him increases chances of getting Tribal - Mages package and Special packages.

Triss: Telekinesis is added to the Tribal - Mages package

New Witcher Trio Wombo Combo package is added: 

  • Vesemir: Mentor 
  • Lambert: Swordmaster 
  • Eskel: Pathfinder


Elves is no longer a default Tribal package.

Tourney Shaelmaar is removed from Mechanical - Create package.

Ge'els is removed from the Tribal - Wild Hunt package.

Sewer Raiders are removed from the Value - Hoard package.

Triss: Telekinesis removed from the Core Cards 

Shuffling and balancing:

Prize-Winning Cow is replaced with Operator in the Tribal - Beast package.

The triple Drummond Queensguard package will now include two Drummond Queensguaurd and Cerys An Craite.

Odds of getting more deathwish cards in Mechanical - Deathwish package increased.

Chances of getting Vandergrift in Defence - Shield package are decreased.

Generally reduced odds of seeing the same exact thinning package twice.

The following Core cards and leader abilities now boost chances of getting Tribal - Mage package:

  •  Artorius Vigo
  •  Xarthisius
  •  Stockpile

Bronzes that come with Cave Troll have been adapted to the following Ogroids: 

  • Nekker Warrior 
  • Ice Troll 
  • Ice Giant 
  • Nekker 
  • Cyclops