Season of Magic is here!

The new season has arrived on all platforms and with it the latest Update 6.3, a new seasonal mode and new bundles in the shop.

Seasonal mode:

In this seasonal mode, once per turn, when you play a special card, spawn and play a copy of it immediately after.

Update 6.3:

This update brings the following changes:

  • Added new visuals and sound effects when removing lock and immunity status.
  • Several issues with visual effects for statuses were fixed.
  • Disabled chat on Android. We are working on fixing the chat but in the meantime we need to disable it.
  • Fixed AI crashes/discarding hand.
  • Intro Screen Battle Cries should now originate from leader position (left/right).

New bundles:

The following bundles have been added to the in-game shop on all platforms:

Season of Love bundle:


  • Love Cardback
  • 3 seasonal avatars: Priscilla, Dandelion, Succubus
  • 4 seasonal borders: Secret Admirer, Sweet Talker, Casanova, Crimson Avenger
  • Bonus title: True Romantic

The Overgrown bundle and Earth pack help to support GWENT esports; a part of the proceeds from the pack and bundle will directly boost the prize pool for the GWENT Open 2, which takes place June 27th and 28th, 2020!

Overgrown bundle:


  • Forgotten Board skin
  • Green Cricket skin for Arachas Queen.

Earth pack:


  • Animated Earth border
  • Earth Elemental avatar
  • D'ao title
  • 400 Meteorite Powder