GWENT is now available on Steam!

We’re excited to announce the Steam release of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game! 

Following the successful launches of GWENT on iOS and Android, release on Steam is the next step in CD PROJEKT RED’s strategy to bring the game to millions of players worldwide.

The Steam release features full cross-play and synchronization functionality with other versions of the game, meaning you can compete with players on iOS, Android, and GOG.COM, as well as carry over all items and progress between these platforms. In addition, the release also includes Steam achievements and Steam Trading Cards integration -  details can be found here.

Additionally, thanks to an update to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on Steam, from today, you can now earn rewards to use in GWENT by making progress in the Thronebreaker campaign. These rewards include premium cards and vanity items, which will unlock automatically once requisite conditions are met. If you played The Witcher Tales earlier on Steam you can unlock the rewards retroactively only if you completed your play-through of the game in online mode (with connection to the internet).

Rewards granted upon startup include:

  • 2 player avatars 
  • 2 player titles 
  • 5 premium kegs
  • 20 brand new cards for Multiplayer GWENT