Intro Decks now available!

If you're looking to try out a new faction or grind the ongoing faction challenge, we have prepared just the right thing for you! 6 new decks ready to play consisting of 25 faction specific cards and designed to synergize with the new leader abilities: Hidden Cache, Blaze of Glory, Mahakam Forge, Uprising, Imposter and Overwhelming Hunger. Suitable for players of all skill levels and available in the in-game shop.

Check them out:

Hidden Cache Syndicate deck

Greed is good! Easily amass coin reserves and use your impressive wealth to get the most out of units with the Hoard ability.

Blaze of Glory Skellige deck

Cleave through your opponent’s ranks with one fatal, decisive blow — then bring a fallen ally back into the heart of battle.

Mahakam Forge Scoia'tael deck

Embrace the power of Mahakam! Armor up your brave dwarven warriors and lead them into battle with full force.

Uprising Northern Realms deck

Strengthen your key units and summon reinforcements at the critical moment!

Imposter Nilfgaard deck

Disrupt the enemy’s game plan and turn their strategy against them!

Overwhelming Hunger Monsters deck

Grow your army of bloodthirsty beasts by sacrificing favorable targets and overrun your opponent!