Faction Challenge: Year of the Wererat Abilities

In this month’s challenge, you will be choosing from one of the 6 factions and their newest abilities. Faction whose supporters complete the most quests during the challenge will claim victory, granting benefits to all players for a limited time:

+10% bonus XP when playing as the top 2 factions

+35% bonus XP when playing the third and fourth place faction

+75% bonus XP when playing the 5th and sixth faction

The Challenge will last until May 19, 2020 at noon CEST.


How to participate?

Log in to the game.

Select the faction you wish to support via the Faction Challenge popup or the Quests tab.

Play games* and complete special quests to earn rewards!

* Games played or won before committing to a specific team will not count toward your challenge progress.

* Only games played in Seasonal and Classic modes will count toward you challenge progress – you will not be able to complete quests via friend challenges or in the Arena.