Hotfix 6.2.1 is now available!

As most of you noticed, the latest Update 6.2 introduced a large number of bugs. We are truly sorry for the inconveniences this caused and worked hard to fix these problems as quick as possible. After a fast fix to the most prominent problem (We really need to keep an eye on our friend "Assimilate") we can now present you with a Hotfix for PC and iOS (Android following very soon) which includes the following:

  • Fixed card descriptions staying on screen
  • Fixed cards moving slowly
  • Fixed cards being invisible
  • Fixed Deathwish units triggering their effect even when locked
  • Fixed the reward popup for Journey quests not showing up
  • Fixed status icons remaining visible after removing the status
  • Fixed Daily Crown Boost counter showing a very high number after reaching the limit
  • Fixed the sound not being muted when having GWENT running in the background on mobile
  • Fixed the discount on the Journey promotional offer being the same as the original price.
  • Fixed the versus screen showing the base leader skin instead of the one picked for the match.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the welcome screen on mobile
  • Updated the crafting cost in the deck builder filters to the new Meteorite Powder values.

One thing that did not make this Hotfix is a change to the Thirsty Dame in seasonal mode. This will be fixed early next week.

We hope that this Hotfix allows players to enjoy the game again in it's full glory so stay safe and stay GWENTING!