Upcoming Changes to Meteorite Powder Economy

Dear GWENT players,

For a long time, we were not quite happy with how meteorite powder was set up in GWENT. While we tried to fix it by introducing tweaks to its acquisition rate, this solution wasn't good and we rolled it back. We asked ourselves what exactly are the issues we're trying to solve and narrowed them down to these 2:

1) Transmutation costs were oddly scaled in regards to rarity in a way that applied different disparities than normally acquiring cards. This made understanding costs and how progress through kegs behave more difficult.  
2) It was too easy of a decision to ignore lower rarity premium cards and focus on saving up for legendary cards due to the relatively small gap between common and legendary cards transmutation costs. We are looking forward to seeing a dynamic where common premiums are much easier to get, with the compromise that legendary premiums are much harder to get.

We're rebalancing the transmutation cost of premium cards to follow the existing rarity-based crafting costs. With this change premium Commons and Rares will be easier to get, while Epic and Legendary premiums will be more exclusive.

There are some changes coming to meteorite powder offers in the shop. With new meteorite powder amounts and prices, we're aiming to make meteorite powder more accessible by offering over 45% more MP in the cheapest offer and over 80% more MP in the high-end offer. On top of that, we are staying true to our commitment to release ornaments available for meteorite powder from time to time.

Both changes will be implemented on May 5th at 12:00 CEST, until that time you can make informed decisions about what you want to do with your meteorite powder reserves/card collections.