Merchants of Ofir Launch Packs Now Available!

To celebrate the launch of our latest expansion - Merchants of Ofir - we have two launch packs! The Ofiri Bargain Pack as well as the Caravan Raid Pack!

The Ofiri Bargain Pack contains:
- 10 Merchants of Ofir Premium Kegs.
- Premium Merchants of Ofir cardback.
- Wraith leader skin for Monsters faction

Caravan Raid Pack contains all 12 Stratagems:
- Magic Lamp Premium Card 
- Crystal Skull Premium Card 
- Enchanted Armor Premium Card 
- Cursed Scroll Premium Card 
- Basilisk Venom Premium Card 
- Ceremonial Dagger Premium Card 
- Collar Premium Card 
- Engineering Solution Premium Card 
- Mask of Uroboros Premium Card 
- Urn of Shadows Premium Card 
- Aen Seidhe Sabre Premium Card 
- Tiger's Eye Premium Card 

Details regarding the pack can be found here.

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