Novigrad Expansion Patch Notes

Check out the full list of changes coming to GWENT with the Novigrad Expansion!

  • Several new Ornaments are available in the in-game Shop:
    • Season of the Bear Bundle
    • Unseen Elder Dark Blood Armor Skin
    • Alternative Crimson Curse Cardback
  • Improved UI design of the Play Menu.
  • The music on the Main Menu has been temporarily changed to celebrate the Novigrad expansion.
  • Audio mixing for card sound effects has been improved.
  • The implementation of animated card art for some premium cards from the Novigrad expansion will be delayed until Patch 3.1. The cards will remain obtainable from kegs and by crafting until then, but will not be animated until the release of Patch 3.1.

New Features
  • The pop-up screen for rewards has been redesigned.
  • Special cards now produce distinctive sound effects when played.
  • Added a "Coming Soon" banner for premium cards that don't yet have animated card art implemented in the game (this applies to certain new cards from the Novigrad expansion).
  • Filters in the Deck Builder are now collapsable.
  • A new faction called Syndicate has been added to the game.
  • A Syndicate faction game board has been added to the game.
  • 5 new Leaders for the Syndicate faction have been added to the game: Whoreson Junior, Cyrus Hemmelfart, King of Beggars, Gudrun Bjornsdottir, and Cleaver.

  • Gimpy Gerwin's provision cost changed from 9 to 8, and his ability changed to: "Deploy (Melee): Damage an enemy unit by 3 and all copies of it by 1."
  • Curse of Corruption has now the Spell category.

  • New dual-faction cards available: Tatterwing, Pugo Boom-Breaker, and Kikimore Warrior.

  • New dual-faction cards available: Sukrus, Hammond, and Tidecloak Hideaway.

Northern Realms
  • New dual-faction cards available: Prophet Lebioda, Nathaniel Pastodi, and Temple Guard.

  • New dual-faction cards available: Novigradian Justice, Harald Gord, and Cleaver's Muscle.

  • New dual-faction cards available: Doadrick Leumaerts, Rico Meiersdorf, and Courier.

  • New status: Bounty - "Whenever a unit with a Bounty is destroyed, the player who placed the Bounty gains Coins equal to that unit's base power."
  • New keyword: Insanity - "If you have insufficient Coins, a unit with Insanity may damage itself by its Fee amount to trigger its ability."
  • New keyword: Hoard - "Trigger this ability if you possess the specified number of Coins or more."
  • New keyword: Intimidate - "Boost self by 1 or the specified amount whenever you play a Crime card."
  • New keyword: Profit - "Gain a specified number of Coins when this card is played. You may possess a maximum of 9 Coins."
  • New keyword: Fee - "Trigger this ability by spending the specified number of Coins."
  • New keyword: Tribute - "On Deploy, you may choose to spend the specified amount of Coins to trigger this ability."

Game Fixes
  • Units from the Crimson Curse expansion that were missing the appropriate voiceovers now have them.
  • Fixed an issue whereby secondary categories would interfere with otherwise valid unique primary categories, causing Harmony to not properly trigger.
  • Cahir no longer boosts himself when the opponent boosts a unit in their hand.
  • The "Basics Mastered" Xbox Achievement, GOG Achievement, and PlayStation 4 Trophy should now properly unlock after completing the final tutorial battle. Players who have already completed the tutorial and but do not have the achievement/trophy credited may get it after re-playing the final tutorial battle.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Jan Calveit's chair would sometimes move slightly in the same direction as the player's cursor.