Roadmap overview

In case you missed today’s stream, video with our Roadmap Overview is now available on YouTube!

Here’s what’s coming to GWENT in the near future:


New user experience
  • Redesigned starter decks – focusing more on each faction, their advantages and synergies, and less on the neutral cards
  • Shortened and more approachable tutorial
  • Introductory faction videos
Drag’n’Drop feature
  • Coming with the April patch!
UI improvements
  • Focusing on simplicity and readability
  • Introducing animations with nice effects when cards land on the board
  • Counters on the rows coming with the April patch
  • Better way of showcasing which cards should be placed on what row
Vanity items 
  • Board halves will be removed – each match will be played on the battlefield chosen by the defender (red player)
  • Avatars and borders will be visible in the game once again
  • New game boards (tavern board coming soon)
  • More focus on vanity items after the expansion 
GWENT for smartphones
  • Progress is looking great – iOS version will come first, Android will follow
Future expansions
  • Next expansion will focus on a new faction
  • More expansions planned this year
Monthly game updates
  • We’ll keep balancing and improving the game with monthly patches and hotfixes if needed