New hotfix is live!

New hotfix for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One! 

Full list of changes:
  • Fixed a bug whereby Summoning Circle could play 0-cost Token units.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Hubert Rejk's ability could be triggered by damage dealt to allied units.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Ozzrel and Brewess would display Consume VFX when they Consumed nothing.
  • Fixed a bug whereby triggering a Locked Deathwish unit's ability via another card (e.g. Maerolorn) would Unlock the Deathwish unit..
  • Fixed a bug whereby Samum would not deal damage if there were no units adjacent to the target unit.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Syanna's Order ability could be used on a turn other than the one on which it was activated.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Nekurat's Cooldown would not refresh if the unit it targeted had a Shield.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Vissegerd would not take all boosted allies into account when played.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Svalblod Cultist and Hawker Healer could target undamaged units with their Heal abilities.
  • Dettlaff: Higher Vampire's limit of Deathwish uses changed from 3 to 2.
  • Dettlaff van der Eretein's damage amount changed from 2 to 1 and his provision bonus changed from 14 to 15.
  • The leaderboard notification "Reach Rank 25 to Display Your Leaderboards Stats," will no longer incorrectly appear for players at rank 25 or above.
  • Fixed an issue whereby players could get stuck in the Deck preview screen if viewed during Leader animations, as time expires during the redraw phase, or as time expires after hiding a card selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Deck/Graveyard preview screens would appear superimposed over the Play Menu screen if the opponent forfeits while viewing them.
  • The Crimson Overlord contract now correctly states you must win 100 matches with each Crimson Curse Leader to complete it.