Crimson Curse: Expansion Trailer and Pre-order Pack

We’ve awaited this far too long… hunted by those who live in comfort and opulence.

No more.

You can now purchase a Crimson Curse Pre-order Pack! It includes the legendary Blood Armor leader skin for Unseen Elder, Crimson Curse-themed animated cardback, as well as 40 Crimson Curse Kegs at a special price (each keg contains 5 cards exclusively from the expansion).

This offer is available until March 28th.

Contents of the Pre-order Pack will be immediately added to your inventory, but you will be able to open the Kegs and use the vanity items only after the expansion releases on March 28th.

The Blood Armor Unseen Elder skin and Crimson Curse cardback are currently only available as part of the Crimson Curse Pre-order Pack, however, slightly different versions of these items may eventually be available for purchase in the in-game shop.