Important update regarding the UWP PC version of GWENT

Dear gamers,

We decided to suspend support for the UWP Windows Store version of GWENT. The game has been removed from the Windows Store, and starting today, playing GWENT’s UWP version is no longer possible.

Your account can still be used to play the Xbox One version of the game thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. On PC, all UWP players can continue their GWENT experience by means of account transfer to GOG.COM. This means all GWENT in-game progress and unlocked content (ore, meteorite powder, vanity items, unopened card kegs and card scraps equivalent of all the cards in your collection) are transferable between the UWP version of the game and the GOG.COM.

Details regarding the account transfer solution, as well as means of requesting the account transfer itself are available HERE.