GWENT Skirmish #1: Ready, Set, Go!

On Wednesday we learned the groups for the Skirmish #1, and today it's time to reveal the full schedule of the tournament!

As a reminder – every player will compete against all of their opponents from the same group in a best-of-three format, battling for a share of a 300 USD prize pool in each match. All matches will be livestreamed on the players’ respective Twitch channels – don’t miss the opportunity to watch the tournament from your favourite streamer’s perspective!

crokeyz (Great Britain) –
Ashlizzlle (Netherlands) –
MissLadyJay (South African Republic) –
McBeard (Canada) –
NOD (Belarus) –
Brzoza (Poland) –
SirPumpkn (USA) –
MasCa (Korea) –