Introducing GWENT Skirmish — the first tournament for content creators!

Competitive events are a source of intense GWENT action. Today, we’re taking it a step further. Introducing GWENT Skirmish — a unique project aimed at content creators, which mixes tournament-setting rivalry with exciting live content!

Here’s how it works: the lineup of every GWENT Skirmish tournament stage is made out of established GWENT content creators. Every single one of them will be livestreaming their point of view. This means you can watch your favorite streamer making, explaining and reacting to big plays in real time, all whilst participating in the tournament. And worry not: snipers and Nilfgaardian spotters shall not pass — we will set up delays on streams to prevent spying.

For the first wave, the list of invited participants is as follows: 

crokeyz (Great Britain)
Ashlizzlle (Netherlands) 
MissLadyJay (South African Republic)
McBeard (Canada) 
NOD (Belarus) 
Brzoza (Poland) 
SirPumpkn (USA) 
MasCa (Korea) 

The format is simple: 8 streamers will be randomly assigned to 2 groups of 4. Every player will compete against all of their opponents from the same group in a best-of-three format, all battling for their share of a 300 USD prize pool in each match. More importantly, the winner will advance to the next round. All group winners will then meet in the future, during the next stage of the GWENT Skirmish competition — more information to come! 

The group seeding will be decided by the one and only Paweł Burza and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel on Tuesday, November 20th. At the same time, we will be also revealing the schedule of the upcoming matches.

As this is our first experiment with this format, we will be looking at your feedback and reception of this “pilot episode” in order to shape the future of the series. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests to invite your favorite streamers to GWENT Skirmish, please let us know in the comments!