Update to Artifact Provision Cost!

We’ve just released an update which changes the provision costs for some cards, mostly Artifacts. You’ll find a list of cards which received the change below. These cards will have full mill value (scraps only) until November 12th, 2018 10:00AM CET.

Based on statistics, Artifacts have been been too dominant in the current meta, specifically Sihil, Mastercrafted Spear and Thunderbolt Potion. This popularity of Artifacts caused players to include Artifact removal in their decks. The problem with that was there were simply too many Artifacts, and not enough possible Artifact removals to make a truly feasible deck. It was never the intention to enable decks based solely on Artifacts.

After weighing all pros and cons, our design team decided to raise the provision cost on Artifacts cards to decrease their number in decks. Also, cards like Zoltan: Scoundrel and Golden Froth have received higher provision costs. These cards together gave very high row buffs on stacked rows and could be a potential issue later on as the metagame develops.

Here are the provision cost changes:
  • Sihil 12->15
  • Tainted Ale 8->9
  • Summoning Circle 7->8
  • Black Blood 7->8
  • Ale of Ancestors 10->12
  • Thunderbolt 7->8
  • Mastercrafted Spear 5->7
  • Wyvern Scale Shield 5->7
  • Petri’s Philter 5->7
  • Pitfall Trap 7->8
  • Golden Froth 9->13
  • Zoltan: Scoundrel 12->15

Note: You won’t have to download an update, changes are done on the server side.

This is just the first step and a small hotfix for the most pressing issues. We plan to release an update in December focusing on further balancing the game, as well as bugfixing.