Updated rank and progression system — what’s new?

Updated ‘Welcome Back’ Screen

The Welcome Back screen now shows your Daily Quests, daily Crown progress, current level, as well as rank. From this screen, you are also able to reroll quests.

Redesigned Main Menu

The redesigned Main Menu allows for easier access to game modes and news, and features tabs for quests and leaderboards.

Improved Player Profile

On this screen you can now see your profile summary, win count (all time or current season for each faction) and the ability to filter card collection by sets. You can also access tabs to see your vanity items, achievements and Ranked score.


With a variety of categories, you can pick and choose achievements and pin up to 3 of them to your public player profile. However, achievements are not just for show —  completing them grants you rewards. You can track up to 5 achievements to be notified whenever you gain progress. 

Updated Level Progression

The overall levelling experience is now faster and the level cap has been decreased from 100 to 60. After that, you get access to prestige — meaning that once you reach the maximum level, you can level up again, become level 1 prestige 1 and gain permanent bonuses!

With the launch of the game your current progress will not reset — if you are level 15 now, you will stay level 15. If you’re pass level 60, you will automatically become prestige 1. 

For example:  if you are level 61, you will be level 1 prestige 1. If you are level 100 now, you will become level 40 prestige 1 after the launch.

New Feature: Reward Book

Achievement unlocks, level-ups, end of Ranked seasons and daily rewards all grant you reward points.

The Reward Book includes trees for all factions and Leaders. This system empowers you to choose which rewards you want to focus on. Among the rewards are faction-specific kegs, Premium kegs, Scraps, Meteorite Powder, Ore, and Leader skins.

In addition, each tree contains Witcher lore tidbits which are revealed when claiming story nodes. Claiming chests allows you to build a compendium of the universe lore. 

 In the future, we also plan to have seasonal trees — available only at certain times of the year.

Ranked 2.0

You start from rank 30 and progress towards rank 1. Ranks are split into 5 pieces — if you win, you get a piece of a stained glass avatar, if you lose — you lose a piece. Winning three or more matches in a row grants you an additional piece of the avatar. Once you have all 5 pieces, you unlock that avatar.

The rank progression is as follows: 

For Rank 30-26, dropping down a rank isn’t possible.
For Rank 25-15, you only drop down a rank if you lose twice in a row.
For Rank 14-8, there are no special conditions — the progression follows a linear pattern.
For Rank 7-1, there’s a linear pattern of progression, however, win streaks no longer give you two pieces of the avatar.

Once you reach level 25, fMMR becomes available and matches start affecting your Ranked score.

Learn more about the changes to Pro Ladder here.