The battle between Monsters and Skellige is on!

Join the ferocious Monsters or the proud warriors of Skellige and show your strength throughout a week of intense skirmishes – that’s right, a new Faction Challenge begins!

The most loyal supporters of both factions will be rewarded:

But that’s not all – as an additional reward, we’re introducing a Faction Premium Keg Week! After the Faction Challenge ends on May 29th, 12 PM CEST (noon), each 5th card in the opened kegs will be automatically upgraded to Premium if it belongs to the winning faction. As an example, if the armies of bloodthirsty Monsters win the Challenge, every Monsters card that you will see in the “Choose 1 out of 3” part of the keg opening, will be Premium. The event will last till Monday, June 4th, 12 PM CEST (noon) and will affect all players, regardless of whether they participated in the Faction Challenge or not.

  1. Go into the Faction Challenge tile located in the in-game News section.
  2. Choose one of the two warring factions you wish to support: Monsters or Skellige.
  3. Play and win games with your faction across Casual, Ranked and Pro Ladder modes to unlock faction rewards.
  • Games won before committing to a specific faction will not count toward your challenge progress.
  • Your challenge progress is determined by wins against all factions: those participating (Monsters, Skellige) and not participating (Scoia'tael, Northern Realms, Nilfgaard) in the challenge.
  • Playing games via friend challenge or in the Arena will not count toward your challenge progress.
  • After reaching a milestone, you will immediately receive a corresponding reward.
  • Information about your completed milestones can be found in the in-game Notifications tab (Social Panel).