Lyrian ScythemanHuman

Deploy: Boost self by 1 for each boosted ally.

Rivian PikemanSoldier, Human

Deploy: Deal 1 damage to enemy. If it dies, damage another enemy by 3.

Lyrian CavalryHuman, Knight

Whenever you play Order unit, boost self by 1.

Lyrian ArbalestSoldier, Human

Order: Damage unit by 1. Charges 1.
Whenever you play a card with Order gain 1 Charge.

Lyrian LandsknechtSoldier, Human

Order: Damage unit by 1. If Landsknechts are boosted, damage unit by 3 instead. Reach: 2

Bomb HeaverHuman, Bandit

Deploy: Destroy opponent's Artifact.

Strays of SpallaHuman, Bandit

Deploy: Move unit to different row. Range: 2

Elf and Onion SoupAlchemy

Destroy 2 allied units of the same tier, then create and play unit of that tier

GasconHuman, Bandit

Melee: Boost self by 0-11 power.

Lippy GudmundHuman, Pirate

Deploy.Ranged: Swap your graveyard with your deck.

Prince VillemHuman

Spying. Deploy: Play random gold card from your deck.

FaliborSoldier, Human

Melee: Destroy enemy with Order.

Eyck of DenesleHuman, Knight

Deploy: If you are holding Dragon, gain Zeal.
Order: Destroy enemy with 8 or more power.

Vysogota of CorvoHuman

Order: Boost unit by 1. Charges: 1 Gain 1 charge whenever player plays a card.


Deploy: Destroy all 1 power units, for each unit destroyed, boost self by 2.

Black RaylaSoldier, Human

Deploy: Damage enemy by 1 for each human you control. Reach: 2

AngoulêmeHuman, Bandit

Order: Play random artifact from enemy deck.

Dagur Two BladesHuman, Warrior

Melee: Whenever enemy is damaged, boost self by 1.

Gimpy GerwinHuman, Bandit

Melee: Deal 3 damage to enemy and all its copies. Reach: 2

Traheaern var VdyffirAgent, Human

Deploy: Look at top 3 cards of your opponent's deck, you may put one of them into their graveyard.

Anna StrengerCursed, Human

At the end of your turn, if boosted, boost adjacent allies by 1.

Gabor ZigrinDwarf

Deploy: Spawn either Mahakam Ale or Foul Ale.

Reynard OdoHuman, Knight

Whenever you play unit with Charges, give it additional charge.

Ivo of BelhavenWitcher

Melee: Deal 2 damage to enemy. Charges: 1 G
Gain 1 charge whenever you play a witcher.

Isbel of HaggeMage, Human

Ranged: Look at the top card from each deck. Keep one and give other to the opponent.

Xavier LemmensAgent, Human

Melee: Banish all cards in enemy graveyard.
Ranged: Banish all cards in your graveyard.


Melee: At the end of your turn, destroy weakest power unit, for the player with highest number of units on the board.

Barnabas BeckenbauerGnome

Deploy: Boost allied Elf, Dwarf and Dryad by 2.

Count CaldwellHuman

Move to the row with the highest power unit on the board at turn end.

Woodland SpiritLeader

Order: Boost unit in your hand by 8.

King Demavend III

Order: Give 1 charge to a unit. Cooldown 2.


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