Twitch drops for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game are an opportunity to earn in-game rewards, which you can use to expand your collection and grow your armies with additional cards.



In order to participate in the drop campaigns and receive rewards, you need to link your GOG.COM and Twitch accounts. Click here and follow the on-screen instructions to do it! If you don’t have a GOG.COM account yet, you’ll be able to create one for free during the process.


Once your GOG.COM account is linked with your Twitch account, all you have to do is watch a stream that participates in our drop campaign. We usually run time-limited drop campaigns during eSport tournaments or online community events. You’ll find more information about upcoming drop campaigns on our official websites and social media channels!


  • How will I know the stream I’m watching participates in the drop campaign?

    Upon entering a channel that participates in the drop campaign, a notification will appear on top of the chat, informing you that the stream supports drops. You can also check all ongoing campaigns and participating channels in the Twitch drops inventory.

  • When will I receive my Twitch drop rewards, and how can I claim them?

    As soon as you complete an objective, you’ll be able to claim its rewards immediately via a pop-up in Twitch chat, or in your Twitch drops inventory. Once claimed, rewards will be automatically added to your GWENT inventory after restarting the game.

  • Do I have to watch a single stream without breaks to receive a reward?

    Upon entering a channel that participates in the drop campaign, the timer starts counting your watch time. Whenever you leave, the timer pauses and reactivates when you’re back on the stream. Please keep in mind all drop campaigns for GWENT are time-limited - whenever the drop campaign comes to an end, and you didn’t fulfill the required watchtime, you won’t receive a reward.

  • Can I receive a reward multiple times?

    All available rewards are one-time-only. You can always check ongoing campaigns and progress in your Twitch drops inventory.

  • Will you be adding more opportunities/rewards for watching/streaming GWENT on Twitch in the future?

    Yes - we’re running drop campaigns regularly. Keep an eye on our official Facebook, Twitter and websites for updates!