Twitch drops in GWENT are an opportunity to earn in-game rewards such as Card Kegs and Meteorite Powder, which you can use to grow your armies with additional cards.



Click here and follow on-screen instructions to link your and Twitch account. If you don’t have a account yet, you’ll be able to create one for free during the process.

Once that’s done, you will automatically receive your very first GWENT Twitch drop — 100 Meteorite Powder, which you can use to craft an animated version of a card in your collection.


(remember to have Twitch drops enabled when watching a stream)


(see the FAQ section for requirements Twitch streams need to meet to reward viewers)


(repeatable)Every 30 minutes of watching livestreams of any Witcher world game on Twitch, you have a chance to receive 50 Meteorite Powder or 3 Card Kegs.
Keen Observer


(one-time-only)“Keen Observer” player title for use in-game.
Awarded for watching a total of 5 hours of Witcher world game livestreams on Twitch.


  • Which Witcher world games do I have to watch to earn GWENT Twitch drops?

    Earning GWENT Twitch drops is possible for watching livestreams of the following games:
    - The Witcher
    - The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings
    - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Hearts of Stone
    - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine
    - GWENT: The Witcher Card Game
    - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
    - The Witcher Adventure Game

  • How will I know the Witcher world game stream I’m watching has Twitch drops enabled?

    Upon entering a channel that’s streaming a Witcher world game, a notification will appear on your screen informing you that the stream supports Twitch drops.

  • What do I need to do as a streamer to make sure my viewers will have the opportunity to earn GWENT Twitch drops for watching my streams?

    If you’re streaming a Witcher world game and you want your viewers to have the opportunity to earn GWENT Twitch drops, you need to:

    - link your account with your Twitch channel’s account;
    - set a name and language for the stream;
    - choose one of the Witcher world titles (listed at the beginning of the FAQ) as the game that’s being currently streamed;
    - have Twitch drops enabled when streaming.

  • Where do I need to watch the September 2018 GWENT Challenger livestream to receive it’s Twitch drops?

    To earn rewards for watching the September 2018 GWENT Challenger livestream, you need watch it on the official CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel. You can also earn rewards by watching the official stream on, as long as you are logged in to your Twitch account at throughout the stream’s duration.

  • Will you be adding more opportunities/rewards for watching/streaming GWENT on Twitch in the future?

    That’s the plan. When we do, we’ll be posting about it on Facebook, Twitter and

  • When will I receive my Twitch drop rewards?

    Twitch drop rewards will be added to your GWENT account in a couple of minutes after being earned, and will be available next time you log in to the game.

  • Can I receive an award multiple times?

    Apart from the WATCHER award, which can be earned multiple times, all available awards are one-time-only.

  • Do I have to watch a single stream of a single Witcher world game without breaks to receive an award?

    You can earn Twitch drop rewards for GWENT by watching any of the Witcher world games listed above across multiple sittings, different streams, channels and Witcher titles.

  • What is GWENT Challenger?

    GWENT Challenger is an official tournament of GWENT: Witcher Card Game. You can find out more about it by visiting