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Player Account Transfer

The player account transfer website allows Windows Store UWP users to request the migration of their GWENT player account to the GOG.COM PC version. The process is one-way and one-time-only, and involves moving all your GWENT in-game progress and unlocked content (card scraps equivalent of all cards in your collection; gold, meteorite powder, vanity items etc.).



Click the REQUEST ACCOUNT TRANSFER button below to initiate the player account transfer.


Log in with the Microsoft account you used to download and play the Windows Store UWP version of GWENT.


Log in with your GOG.COM* account. If you don’t have a GOG.COM account yet, you’ll be able to create one for free. * Your GOG.COM account must not contain any progress in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game in order to be eligible for account transfer.


Once the player account migration process is complete (please note it may take several days), we’ll reach out to you with an email sent to the address associated with your GOG.COM account.


Do not attempt to launch GWENT using the target GOG.COM account until the player account transfer is complete, as doing so may invalidate the migration process. You will receive a confirmation email from us once the account transfer has been completed successfully.

Please note that by requesting account transfer you give consent to transfer your GWENT-related personal data to GOG sp. z o.o., who will use this data for reasons connected with GWENT (see GOG.COM Privacy Policy for more details).


  • Who is eligible for the player account transfer?

    Anyone who played the Windows Store UWP version of GWENT can request their player account be transferred to the GOG.COM PC version of the game. However, the target GOG.COM account cannot contain any GWENT progress. Keep in mind that launching GWENT counts as progress. If you aren’t sure if your account is eligible for transfer, contact us.

  • How long will the migration process take?

    Player account transfer may take several days to complete. During this time, playing GWENT using the target GOG.COM account will not be possible. We’ll send you a status update to the email associated with your GOG.COM account once the transfer is complete.

  • How long will the option to transfer player accounts be available?

    Windows Store UWP users wishing to request GWENT player account transfer to the GOG.COM PC version will have the option to do so until December 18th.

  • What content/progress will be migrated?

    Once your player account has been migrated successfully, you will find all your in-game progress (rank, level, experience, etc.) and unlocked content (including gold, meteorite powder, vanity items, unopened card kegs etc.) immediately available in the GOG.COM version of GWENT. You will also receive the card scraps equivalent of all cards in your collection.

  • Why do you transfer card scraps equivalent of my card collection and not cards themselves?

    GWENT has changed a lot throughout Public Beta, with the Launch version introducing, among other, a significant revamp to the cards — their strength, abilities, how they interact with each other — as well as gameplay in general. Many strategies and decks popular during Public Beta became obsolete. This is why we decided the most optimal solution will be to mill all card collections when transitioning from Public Beta to Launch version, allowing players to rediscover the cards and get back to building decks as soon as possible.

  • Will migrating wipe GWENT progress stored on my Microsoft account?

    To enable you to continue playing on Xbox One from where you left off in the Windows Store UWP version of GWENT, your progress will remain stored on your Microsoft account even after the player account migration. Keep in mind, however, that playing the Windows Store UWP version of GWENT after December 3rd will not be possible.

  • Will GWENT continue to support Xbox Play Anywhere?

    Xbox Play Anywhere is only available between Xbox One and Windows Store UWP versions of games, meaning Xbox Play Anywhere support will not be available for GWENT moving forward. However, you can still play GWENT on Xbox One using the same account you used to play the Windows Store UWP version of the game.



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