homecoming PTR

It’s the time you’ve been waiting for — GWENT is finishing its beta phase and is almost ready for release! Project Homecoming brought a lot of changes to the game you know as GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and we’d like to give you a chance to play it and give us your feedback before the proper launch on October 23rd.

Lend us a hand?

More information on the main changes introduced with Homecoming, as well as Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.

Thank you for participating in the Open PTR!

main changes in gwent

Deck building

Deck building

  • The minimum amount of cards in your deck is 25
  • Each card has its own Recruit Cost value, there’s also a set Recruit Cap for your deck
  • Your deck can consist of 1 copy of each Gold card. Bronzes are limited to 2 copies per deck. There are no Silvers
  • A new card type — Artifacts
Game MechanicsGame Mechanics

Game Mechanics

  • New mechanic: Order Abilities
  • Two types of Traps — some are only played automatically, others can also be triggered manually for a lesser effect
  • The Reach value of a unit represents how far in terms of rows in front the unit is able to reach with its ability
  • Summoning: units summoned to the board do not trigger deploy abilities. You have to place the card on the board for their respective ability to trigger
  • Some units now have row-specific abilities meaning that ability won’t trigger if the card is played on a row other than the one specified


Card Draw and Hand Limit — you will always draw 3 cards at the beginning of each round and there’s a limit of 10 cards you can have in your hand at any point. Any additional cards will be automatically discarded.

Mulligan system has been revamped — Mulligan phases are still triggered at the beginning of each round, however, every Leader now has an assigned Mulligan Charge value. This value does not refresh every round, meaning if you begin with 5 Mulligan Charges and use 3 during the first phase, you will only have 2 charges remaining during the later rounds.

In addition, as a handicap, the player going first after the Coin Flip at the beginning of the match will receive 1 additional Mulligan Charge for their Leader as well as an Artifact which boosts an allied unit by 5 and banishes itself afterwards.

Leaders are not cards anymore, they are always present on the battlefield and have Order Abilities.

End Turn — turns do not end automatically anymore. Due to introduction of Order Abilities, the player must manually click the END TURN button.

Passing — player can only pass if they didn’t use any Order or Leader abilities and didn’t play a card this turn. In addition, from now on, as soon as the player reaches 0 cards in their hand, the game will force them into passing.


Much love and enjoy the game!