This website allows GWENT console players to request the copying of their player account progression and collection to GOG.COM (please see the FAQ below for detailed information). The process is one-time-only. After it is successfully completed, you can continue playing on both your console account and GOG.COM account but the two accounts will not become linked in any way; they will progress and accumulate resources separately. Please note that, from 9th June, 2020, the console versions of GWENT — whether your account has been copied to GOG.COM or not — will no longer be playable.



Click the ‘REQUEST ACCOUNT COPY’ button below to get started.


Provide your console GWENT Support ID and your console GWENT username.


Log in with your GOG.COM* account. If you don’t have a GOG.COM account yet, you’ll be able to create one for free.

* If your existing GOG.COM account already contains progress in GWENT then you will have the option to overwrite this with your console account progress. This process is permanent and irreversible. More details below.


Once the account-copying process is complete (note that it may take up to 14 days), we’ll reach out to you with an email — sent to the address associated with your GOG.COM account.


The process will be performed within a 14-day window from the date you requested to copy your account. During this time, keep your console account in the same state you would like it to be copied, as the copying process won't take place at point of request. You will not be able to launch GWENT using the target GOG.COM account until the account has been successfully copied.

Account Copying Closed


  • Who is eligible for the player account copying?

    Anyone who plays GWENT on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can request their console GWENT account to be copied to GOG.COM.

    Please note:
    - The process is one-time-only — for both the console account and the target GOG.COM account.
    - If your existing GOG.COM account already has progress in GWENT then you will have the option to overwrite this with your console account progress. This process is permanent and irreversible. More details below.

  • My target GOG.COM account contains GWENT progress. What can I do?

    If your GOG.COM account already has progress in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game associated with it (note that launching GWENT counts as progress), you will now be given an option to overwrite your GOG.COM GWENT account with the progress and contents of your console GWENT account. This will result in the permanent and irreversible deletion of all progress and contents (including all purchases, currencies, cards, vanity items, contracts etc.) accumulated on the overwritten GOG.COM GWENT account. Also, we will not be able to provide support in relation to any such overwritten GOG.COM GWENT accounts and no refunds will be offered in relation to overwritten progress and content.

    If you do not want to overwrite your existing GOG.COM GWENT progress we suggest copying your console GWENT account to a different GOG.COM account which does not contain any GWENT progress.

    NOTE: Due to technical reasons, your Journey progress and Premium Pass status will remain on your target GOG.COM account, despite going through the account-copying process. This may result in unforeseen issues in the future, so it is not recommended to use accounts with existing Journey progress or with Premium Pass as target accounts, as we will not be able to provide support in relation to issues resulting from using them.

  • How long will the option to copy player accounts be available?

    It will be available for a period of 6 months: from 9th December, 2019 until 9th June, 2020.

  • What will the account copying cover?

    - All collected vanity items
    - Unopened purchased items
    - Currencies: Scraps, Meteorite Powder (only applies to Xbox One players), Ore, Reward Points, Mirror Shards
    - Card collection
    - Decks saved in the Deck Builder
    - Level and rank
    - Reward trees
    - Contracts

    Important! The state of your console account at the moment of copying (not at point of request) will be used.

  • What will not be covered by the account copying?

    Unfortunately the following will not be covered by the account copying process:
    - Currency: Meteorite Powder — only applies to PlayStation 4 players..
    - Partial Arena run progress
    - Statistics: wins, GG, highest rank, fMMR
    - Partial progress towards levels, prestige & rank mosaics
    - Daily quest progress & daily quest log
    - Daily crown reward progress
    - Daily reward progress
    - PlayStation 4 trophies and Xbox One achievements

  • I’m a PlayStation 4 GWENT player, is there any way to copy my Meteorite Powder to my GOG.COM account?

    Copying Meteorite Powder from a PlayStation 4 GWENT account to a GOG.COM GWENT account is not possible. However, you can spend your Meteorite Powder reserves to transmute cards or purchase ornaments. Items bought (or improved) with Meteorite Powder before requesting the account-copying process will be copied to your GOG.COM account.

  • Will you refund my real-money purchases?

    Unfortunately, no refunds will be provided. We’ve disabled real money purchases on consoles on 4th December, 2019. You can continue using the purchases already made on consoles before 4th December all the way until 9th June, 2020; they will also be copied to your GOG.COM account as part of the account-copying process. As mentioned above, the sole exception to this is Meteorite Powder on PlayStation 4, which will not be copied to your GOG.COM account.

    Please see sections 10.7 and 15.3 of the GWENT User Agreement for further details.

  • For how long will I be able to play the game on my console account?

    Your console account will be playable until 9th June, 2020, regardless of whether you copy it to GOG.COM or not.

    The last update dedicated for the console versions of GWENT (9th December, 2019) disables the following:
    1. Matchmaking with other platforms
    2. Ranked progression and ranked matches
    3. Seasonal and other events
    4. Arena mode

    Additionally, real-money purchases have been disabled since 4th December, 2019.

  • Can I keep my console GWENT username?

    This will only be possible if the username is not already taken on GOG.COM.

  • Will I be able to play on iOS?

    After having your account copied to GOG.COM, it can be used to play GWENT on both PC and iOS.

  • If I have an unfinished Arena run when the copying process is initiated, what will happen to it?

    Your Arena run will be concluded, and you will receive the relevant rewards. Claim them after the account copying is completed successfully. Additionally, you will receive a Mirror Shard, so you can start a new Arena run.

  • What if I own a copy of Thronebreaker on my console?

    We will add all the GWENT contract rewards granted by Thronebreaker to the target GOG.COM account. To make it possible, please make sure to claim the contract “Thronebreaker” in GWENT before requesting account copying. To be able to claim the contract, launch your console copy of Thronebreaker at least once.

  • Will I be able to buy one-time purchase products, like Starter Packs, again on the target GOG.COM GWENT account?

    No, single-purchase products, after having purchased them while playing the console version of GWENT, cannot be bought again on your target GOG.COM account.